Update 24th May:
We want to reassure you that we are doing all we can to make sure you’re able to enjoy your gardens at this difficult time. We've not forgotten you, and we appreciate your continued patience and understanding while we work through fulfilling your orders and answering your enquiries.


Dispatch times

We are aware of courier issues impact a number of orders in early April. Please contact us by email if you have not received your order.


Dispatch for these lines have now been moved to mid-June. Your order should be with you by end of June at the latest


All other lines

With the exception of orders where we are aware of issues, or if you have an order from early April- mid April dispatch is now 10-14 days from point of order,

What we’re doing...
- We are currently shipping much higher than usual volumes for the time of year and have increased our dispatch team by 50% to ensure that outstanding orders are met where possible.
- Our customer service replies to an many emails per day. Unfortunately we cannot get to every one due to the significantly higher numbers we are receiving so we prioritise in the following order. Those with delivery issues first, refunds second, other enquiries 3rd and finally new order enquiries.
- We have suspended launches of all new product ranges until the backlog of orders has been dealt with.
- We have temporarily closed our telephone lines as these are currently impacting significantly on dispatch. This service will resume soon, initially with a recorded message directing to email.

- We have significantly reduced the availability of our ranges to ensure we can focus on getting service levels back in the shortest possible time.
- In the background, we're also working on improving our systems in all aspects of the customer journey, from dispatch and delivery communications to our backend financial systems. We will be launching a new system later this year which will address all of the customer service issues we have experienced this year.

If we cannot fulfil your order, you will be refunded in full. If we cannot fulfil part of your order we will automatically refund part of your order. We know this will be frustrating for some of our customers who would have chosen to wait, but we made the difficult decision to cancel a small percentage of orders that still faced extended waiting times to get money back into our customers’ pockets rather than causing any further disappointment.

Thank you
We sincerely thank you for your continued support and patience during a time where businesses have been so greatly affected by the pandemic.

Need further help?

Please contact us at sales@mrnurseries.co.uk and we will respond as soon as we can,