Cardiocrinum Giganteum - Potted 2 Litre - Rare and limited Stock!


Supplied as a 2 litre potted plant sprouting - Dispatched Spring 2019

(The Giant Himalayan Lily).

A true rarity - This plant will be available for delivery late Feb early March as potted bulbs. We dont dispatch dry bulbs due to potential quality issues

Please note outside of these times orders will be taken to reserve next seasons stock.

Fully hardy and in very limited numbers!

Large, fragrant, white trumpets, ruby red in the throat on 2-3m stems.

They adore light shade, humidity and rich, leafy soils. Prepare your soil well in advance with plenty of humus, leaf mould, manure and bark to get the best from them. They are a long term project, not an instant gratification plant. If you want the best from them, they need work on your part!

After flowering, the original crown will die, leaving offsets which flower in a further 3-5 years. Planting in successive years or in different sizes ensures a cycle of flowering.