Tetrapanax Rex

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Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex' is undoubtedly one of the most architectural, hardy, exotic plants possible to grow here in the U.K. With perhaps the largest leaves of any other woody plant grown here "Rex' certainly makes it's presence felt in the garden.

In milder regions it can be almost evergreen but usually we treat them a deciduous shrub, hardy in most regions. If you live in a particulary cold area it's a good idea to protect the trunk in winter with straw or fleece.

Be prepared though once settled in 'Rex' will grow fast creating both dramatic effect and a talking point!

Position: full sun to part shade.
Soil: most soils except waterlogged conditions
Eventual Size: 3 to 4 metre, but can be pruned
Habit: rounded evergreen shrub with dense foliage
Common Names: Rice Paper Plant, Chinese rice-paper plant 'Rex'

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